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    Anniversary poems


Hello Everyone…If you’re looking for some beautiful Anniversary poems , it means you or a loved one are about to celebrate another special year of marriage.Whether you’re looking for a poem for a milestone, like your first anniversary or your parents’ 50th wedding anniversary, or just a marriage poem to use in a card or leave in a love note, we’ve got them here for you.

Anniversary poems

• The Correct Decision

In a world crowded with people, and everyone fighting for the catch
It is such a miracle that I managed to find my perfect match;

I am so very lucky to get to spend so many years with you
Even after all this time the love in my heart still it feels anew,

Our Wedding Anniversary reminds me of that beautiful day
When you entered my life and sent all my sorrows far away;

I made the best decision and took you as my partner for life,
It is something I will be thankful for, even after I die. Happy Anniversary my dear.


• Time Has Proved Our Love

The time gone by proves how true is your love,
Looking at you makes the angels sing from heaven above.
I feel so proud watching you grow into each others lives,
I am amazed with the magic that love actually does.
Happy Wedding Anniversary to the two of you.

Anniversary poems


• Happy Anniversary To Both Of You

It is the small tiny little miracle called love,
That makes life more wonderful than the stars above;

The two of you are two parts of the same heart,
Your love story gives all those in love a kickstart.

As you continue to live your life in peace,
I pray that all your joys simply increase.

Here’s wishing the two of you a very very Happy Anniversary.

• May God Bless You Two

Today is the day to show your affection,
Remind each other about how deep is your connection;
The wonderful memories that together you share,
Have made the two of you such a lovely pair;
And as you walk hand in hand, day by day,
May God walk with you along the way.
Happy Wedding Anniversary to you.

• You Are A Gift

What can be a better blessing that love wrapped in silver paper?
You entered my life so easily like sweet smelling vapor.
I feel so comfortable around you, like I am around my clone,
And I always crave to spend more and more time with you all alone.
You my love, knocked at my door and totally transformed my life,
I promise to love you forever, ‘coz you’re the world’s best wife!
Happy Anniversary to you!

•             Thank God for you

I thank God each and every day,
For sending you into my life.
I can’t think of anything else to say,
But I thank God for making you my wife.
Happy Anniversary to you.

Anniversary poems

• I Woke Up In The Morning

I woke up in the morning with a smile on my face,
I told myself today is going to be a beautiful day.
After all today was the day you and I became one,
It was a dream come true, for you I was chosen.
Everyday I spend with you, I learn something new,
I can’t even imagine what would I do without you.
Thank you for being an angel to me all these years,
Thank you for teaching me how to face my fears.
I just hope life goes on just like this forever,
I pray that you and I are always twinned together.
Happy Anniversary to you sweetheart.

• Wonderful journey

It has been such a wonderful journey with you,
That I can’t even express,
You are the same person,
Who did impress,
I wish our bond stays till the end of time,
I want that you always remain mine,
Happy anniversary my dear!

Anniversary poems

• Our love

Our love has grown with time,
It has been so good,
I still remember the time we met,
So many years of togetherness have been bliss,
It’s a touchwood,
And I pray it remains till the end of time,
Happy anniversary!

• Each year this day

Each year on this day,
I fall in love with you again,
Baby you know that I don’t need to pretend,
Coz my love for you is true,
After so many years,
My love has grew,
Baby I love you lots,
Yes it’s only you,
Happy anniversary!

• Want to confess

I wanna confess something to you this day,
I love you deeply you know that,
I love you so strong,
I love you so much,
Only to me you belong,
Yes, I want to tell you,
That I only love you,
And I want to wish you a very happy anniversary!

Anniversary poems

• On this day

On this day and delight,
I want to hug you tight,
And I want to tell you that,
I really love you a lot,
Time has been so long,
Our relationship is so strong,
Our journey has been one beautiful song,
Happy anniversary!

Anniversary poems

• Every year this day

Every year on this day,
I don’t have much to say,
Only a word thanks to give you all the way,
You have made my life so special in every way,
Thanks for coming in my life my dear,
With you around, I feel no fear,
Wish you a happy anniversary!

• So much time

So much time you have given me,
And so much of love,
I can’t thank you enough for all the love,
You have been the best life partner I can ask,
With you easy seems to me every task,
Thanks again my love,
And wish you a very happy anniversary!

• I can’t express

I can’t express my feelings,
As I am overwhelmed,
On this day I want revive all the moments spent,
The journey of life with you is really so much fun,
You are and will remain my number one,
I love you so much my sweetheart,
Wish you a happy anniversary!

• I am so excited

I am so excited for today,
It’s not like any other day,
It’s our ten years of togetherness,
For me and you to say,
Life has truly been bliss with you,
I still find everything so new,
I love you,
Happy anniversary!

• To thank you

I would like to thank you,
For coming in my life,
You gave me everything,
You helped me in every task,
You are a perfect partner in life,
Without you I won’t survive,
Happy anniversary!

Anniversary poems

• The moments with you

The lovely moments that make me smile
With you and every while
I feel blessed on having a partner like you
With you I feel so awesome and new
Baby do you know that I truly love you
Glad to have you
In my life,
Happy anniversary!

• Our bond so strong

Our bonding only increased with time
I am so lucky to call you mine
Baby because you are my only smile
You are the shine in my life,
I just want to tell you that,
Without you I won’t survive,
Because I truly love you!
Happy anniversary!

• You are special

Anniversary is a special way,
To tell you that you mean a lot
This was from my every thought,
When you are not with me
There is nothing else to see
Baby I truly love you
Because you are my destiny!
Happy anniversary!

• With you my life

When I say that I love you
I really mean it from my heart
Baby, it’s a special day
So let’s make it a special story
I just want to say,
That you are my world
And I love you a lot
Happy anniversary!


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• The meaning of love

The meaning of love is you
The meaning of life so true
You gave me a reason to live
You gave me my smile
In life’s every while
Sweetheart wish you stay this way forever
With all my might!
Happy anniversary!

• You both have had a good life

You both have had a happy time
You both were truly destined
So happy to see you both together
May your love stay this way forever
Life will be the same with your love
Love is a feeling so pure from your heart
A feeling so very pure from the start
Start this year with your renewed vow
And life will be all good and how
Your love will conquer all in life
Your love will truly survive
Happy anniversary to both of you!
Have a lovely life ahead!

• Oh it is a lovely day

Oh, it’s a lovely day for you
As you, celebrate with dream so new
Know that you will have this day
Celebrate with the moments of love
Celebrate with what you want to say
Life is blissful when you express your love
Life is blissful every way
Remember all the golden moments spent,
Remember the time that you have had
For this will remain in your heart
Today as you make a wonderful start
Remember the journey of your love
Wishing a very happy anniversary to both!
Have a loving day all through!

Anniversary poems

• The best gift in your life

The best gift you can have in your life
Is the gift of time
The more you dedicate that time in marriage
The more it will leave an impact
The more you dedicate your time in love
The more you can act
For love is a pure feeling which connects two souls
And you should have known your role
Stay blessed in each other’s company
For love is a feeling that is true every way
Have a lovely day is all I wish to say
Wishing happy anniversary to the lovely couple!

• Convey to the world

Convey to the world that you love each pother
Tell that you are always there
That silent longing in your eyes
And the way you always care,
Love is the feeling that connects you and your partner
So express it in different forms
Stay together forever in love
Breaking so many norms
Love is different and you would know
Things that are wishfully there to show
On this lovely day, I want to say
Happy anniversary to both of you today!
Stay in love!

• A romantic journey for you

A romantic journey will take you along the way
You can share your happiness and sorrow
Love like there is no tomorrow
Life will be like a dream for you
Life will give you a meaning all new
Anniversaries are a way to celebrate love
A love between the two of you
So share your joy alike and feel nice
Over the years, your love will be more wise
Happy anniversary to the lovely couple I know,
It’s the love that feels and show!

• Each year with you

Each year when I feel close to you
I get to learn things all new
Your kindness makes me fall in love with you
You make me happy all the while
You have the most amazing smile
You stand with me like a pillar would do
On this special day, I want to tell you
That yes I love you
Yes I truly love you through
My world resolves around you
My world starts with your name
It will remain so pure with time
It will remain the same
Wishing a very happy Anniversary to you!

• I met you many years ago

I met you years ago my love
But time still feels the same
I get the same glow on my face
Whenever someone takes your name
The years that have passed, have been so good
Life with you has been good touch wood,
I wish that our love stays this way
Till the very end
Where there are feelings so pure
And there is no pretend,
Every year I love you a little more
The more I am with you my love
Is more I do adore,
I love you my baby to the core
Wishing you a very happy Anniversary!


Anniversary poems

• Marital life with you is

Marital life they say is blissful
When there is a union of two hearts
I have been so in love with you
This way from the very start
On this lovely day I want to share
I always loved you and the way you cared
We will always stay with each other
Our love will stay this way till the end
Stay as you are my pretty spouse
Your love gives me a kick in life
Without you, I won’t be able to survive
Wishing you a very happy Anniversary!

Anniversary poems

• This wedding date brings

This wedding date brings to me
So many old and new memories
The way we had our wedding
And things got just fine after that
The equation that we share now
And the equation we then had
Everything has changed with time
But one thing remains and that is love
Yes its love for you my dear
You bring in my life a lovely cheer
Stay as you are in my life
I feel so blessed to call you my wife
Wishing you a happy Anniversary!

• I am still in love with you

I am still madly in love with you
I still deeply feel for you
The day when you are not with me
Is the day when I feel so blue
My lovely, your love gives me peace
Peace that I would love to cease
I want to wish you bright this day
Coz you are my light every way
May love between us never end
Is all I wish this day
Baby I love you so much
More than your lovely touch,
Wishing you a very happy Anniversary!

Anniversary poems

• Each year the more I get

Each year the more I get to know you
I feel so wonderful about you
The love and those feelings are so pure
Your touch has a magical allure
You are my true soul mate in life
All the precious moments spent with you
All the feelings so wonderful and new
I wish that you be mine next birth too
Can’t think of getting a better partner like you
Whose so loving just like you
Wishing a very happy Anniversary to you!

• The beauty of love remains

The beauty of love remains forever
It always has that glow and light
When you are in my life my dear
My world is a tad more bright,
Brighter you have made my days
Brighter is my world with you
I just want to confess in all
That my love for you is so true
Will never hurt you I promise you
And never go far away
Our love is passionate as we are
It will always stay
On this lovely day
Just want to wish you
Very happy Anniversary my dear,
With smiles and cheer!

• So much time has passed

So much time has passed in life
So much time I think to wind
One thing that has not changed between,
Is the love we share and kind
You have always been there for me
Whether in my sorrows or my glee
My life has been so beautiful
A lovely journey and in destiny
Want to thank you from my heart
So today on this day, it was a start
Thank you for coming in my life
Making it more memorable with you ways
Wishing you a very happy Anniversary,
And we will have an awesome day!

Anniversary poems

• Each step that you take in life

Each step that you took in your marriage
Have bought you today this far
The love you guys have for each other
Shines so bright like the star
Always love each other in life
Forever in your every strive
The love that you have will grow
And you will surely get to know
That love is the true strength that keeps you strong
True love is where you actually belong
Stay in love forever today and each day
Wish you a very happy Anniversary!
Have a lovely day!

• The more I get to know

The more I get to know you in life
The more I fall in love with you
Your pretty gestures are so fine
Makes you so sweet and feels all new
The way we have had this wonderful life
I want to continue this too
So today, I shall renew my lovely bond
A bond that is so special between me and you
I might have told you many times
But still I wish to tell you
That you still stay in my heart
Where love conquers all,
Happy Anniversary to you oh dear,
With you I feel that love and cheer!

Anniversary poems

• Life will move on with you my love

You are my dear one and I want you to know
My love for you is so pure
On this special day when we became one
It all started with allure
You have not changed a bit
Nor there is a change in the love
I will have to admit
That I loved you for your tease
I loved you for that smile on your face
You still have that charming smile
And you have that grace
Blessed to have such a partner like you
Blessed to have you in my life
Happy Anniversary to you!

• As time will pass this day

As time passes, you will know the value of love
Who does things for you in life
Who stands with you in every strive
You have proved that you are my soul mate
And this my love is a lovely date
First tine when I kissed you pure
First time when I danced with you
The magical journey began all new
Over the years my love has grew
As your love was so pure for me
You stood for me in tough times and through
My loving partner is all I want say
I so love you!
Wishing you a very happy Anniversary!

• I still remember things with you

I remember the day we took our vow
Still remember that amazing time
Your love and my heart together
It was all destined
You were always there in need
Your love being so very deep
You never complained about things
And accepted everything with heart
I am really blessed to have you my love
You are so precious in my life
I feel so proud and so good
Well to call you mine
A love that will never end
A toast to this lovely day
Happy Anniversary is all I wish today!


Anniversary poems

• You made my world complete

You made my world complete my love
You made my life so good
Getting a soul mate like you in life
Feel so blessed touch wood,
Not a day when I don’t stay happy
Without you oh my love
With you I smile all bright
The things that seem alright,
With you, I have all my happiness
And never a drop of tear
With you, I feel so protected
Not a feeling of fear
Love you for everything
Wishing a very happy Anniversary!

• From every corner of my heart

From every corner of my heart
There is one one voice that says
Thanks for coming in my life
So let us celebrate this awesome day
Let’s have a dinner together
And revive all the moments of time
How you and I met
How things really destined
Let us take a vow to never leave
Wherever time takes us or in every grieve
I love you for many reasons
My love is the same in each season
Thanks for everything
Wish you a very happy Anniversary!

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